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License: Shareware

OS: Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows 98,Windows Me

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Latest version: 3.5

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Converter SWF to EXE and extract SWF from EXE
Publisher's Description:
Sparkle FlashKeeper gives you everything you need to quickly get, manage, enhance and share shockwave flash files. FlashKeeper is the most powerful and handy flash toolkit to help you with your animated flash work! Manage, preview and browse flash With similar interface as windows explorer, Flash Keeper can help you to browse regular flash files in your local computer and local area network. It supports to drag and drop, copy, cut, dele and paste flash files. In addition to that, you can also see the file's flash version and several attributes like: number of frames, frames per second, width, height, and date created etc on the title bar. Create screensaver with customer installer Just by several clicks, you can build flash screen saver very easily. You can also set the background color, sound, and expiry limitation, unlock code, Customize the waking up mode, create self installer package and direct install file of the screen savers. SWF to EXE, EXE to SWF bathc converter Convert the selected swf into a standalone projector (exe) file, or get Swf file out of projector (EXE) individually or in bacth. Save, dowload and capture flash After installing flash keeper, a small icon of flash keeper will be added on Internet Explorer's toolbar. While you are surfing on a page including flash files, just click the flash keeper icon or right-click and select "Get flash by flash keeper", you can download all the flash files to your computer. Publishing Flash Animations to HTML format Publish and preview the selected flash movie in HTML format, you can also set the backgroud color, output properties, scale and Alignment of the movies. Play flash movies with cool skin flashkeeper player With cool skins flash player, you can play bulk flash movies in loops, as well as rewind, step forward, step backward, stop or start to play flash at any frame. Unprotect and Protect flash movie Removes the "protect from import" feature for the selected flash movie and also protect you
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